My name is Honorata Perzanowska.

Welcome to my website. 

I am a dancer and choreographer. Join me on and discover artistic dance classes for kids, adults, and seniors. I also share my latest dance projects, shows with my students, and videography

with my professional group

Brokat Dance Theater.


Honorata Perzanowska, 

photoshoot "Shadows" by Bożena Pazgan, 

Poland, 2016

"Without dancing  I don't know who and I am and I feel lost. The pandemic 2020 and the inability to train in the gym made it clear for me. Looking back at my past,  I constantly wanted to see changes in my dance and to try something new"


- Honorata Perzanowska


Honorata Perzanowska, 

Polish National Ballroom Dance Tournaments, 

Poland, 2008-2009

​A dozen years of dance experience as a medalist of over 30 national ballroom dance competitions, led me to realize that more was needed to fulfill my goals as an artist. 

I decided to try compelatly different dance styles: hip- hop, musical dance, new age, afro, jazz, contemporary and ballet for two years at Egurrola Dance Studio. To my suprise ballet really captured my imagination and I spent a couple more years be extra focused on ballet at Neoclassica Ballet Center

A succesful audition brought me to at Opus Ballet School in Florence, Italy where I could discover modern, contemporary and ballet from teachers from all over the world. 


Honorata Perzanowska 

photoshoot "Cloud Dance by  Bożena Pazgan, 

Poland, 2016

"Over time I realized that many important factors influence the quality of my dance. I was looking for a way to join all of them together and create the basis for my dance:  

a complete package for a dancer "


- Honorata Perzanowska


I found out that my diet, my well-being and the right choice of exercises have a great influence on the quality of my dance as well as the mobility and efficiency of my body. That is why I recently completed training courses in the field of nutrition and sports,  personal trainer, bodybuilding instructor, as well as a yoga and stretching instructor.


Honorata Perzanowska at the gym, 

Florence Fitness

Italy, 2020


I directed, produce and choreographed more than 28 theatrical dance shows in cultural centers in Poland. Most recent in January 2020,

"Kreacje Live Show" a two hour performance which inlcuded 15 individual etudes, 30 performers, original lighting and costumes.

Students from Honorata Perzanowska's Kreacje Dance School,

"Kreacje Live Show",

photo Agnieszka Słowikowska, Poland, 2020


I am very interested in videography. My passion is to create artistic 
 short films with people from all walks of life. I founded the Brokat Dance Theater, where I record etudes with adult dancers or seniors, or simply with people who inspire me with differences in mentality and culture. I am fascinated by different stages of human development.  My great inspiration are the children with whom I create many recorded performances.

Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-27 o 23.07.17.png

Dancers from Brokat Dance Theater,

"Mushrooms" short film,

Poland, 2019


Along the way, I participated and performed in cooperation with other artists, including the choreography "Romance" for the Warsaw Ballet.
And also danced in:
*"I want to desire" by Aneta Bułka at the Na Woli Theater,  
*"Magical Ballet Box, Dark Beauty" at the Imka Theater, 
*"Ballet on the Vistula" in Warsaw,
*"Dance Your Soul Out" Ballet Concert, 
*"Christmas Ballet Gala" at the Druga Strefa Theater, 
*"Logos" spectacle at the Obi Hall Theater in Florence, 
*"Detach" at Obi Hall Theater in Florence, and many more.


Warsaw Ballet, "Romance" choreography Honorata Perzanowska,

photo, Jędrzej Molczyk,

Poland, 2016


In 2020 I was featured in "Race Of Thoughts" communication platform where I tried to answer my question "What dancers want?"  which I have wondered about all my life . My most recent interview about my future plans was from this past July 2020 by Sylwia Kowalska for "Wiadomoś" newspaper. 

Projekt bez tytułu (5).png

Honorata Perzanowska on Race Of Thoughts,

What dancers want? "

Photo Kuba Stępnik, Poland, 2020



Dance and Movement Studio Progress Poland  2003- 2005,

Dance Studio Smirnow Poland 2005-2006, 

Dance Academy Poland 2006- 2008

Polish Sports Academy Poland, Dance Instructor 2012,

Corte Top Dance Poland 2008-2014,

Egurrola Dance Studio Poland 2012- 2014,

European Dance Meeting Poland 2012

Neoclassica Ballet Center Poland 2015- 2017,

Opus Ballet School Italy 2017- 2018 .

Polish Sports Academy Poland, Personal trainer 2019,

Polish Academy of Culture and Sport Poland, Joga Instructor 2020,

ProFi Fitness School Poland, Stretching Instructor 2019

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