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Kotwica 1

Written & Directed: Honorata Perzanowska

Videography: Paweł Boski, Adrian Kubacki, Honorata Perzanowska 

Editing: Honorata Perzanowska 

A story about an endless journey of souls in search of newer and newer bodies to live in. It is a real play on the ground, where, despite the fact that something passes, it always comes back to the earth, reborn, revealing its new face, different from the previous one. Everything turns in a circle. Everything the earth gave birth to will return to her. Everything has a beginning and an end, but each end is also the beginning of something new.

Kotwica 2

Written: Honorata Perzanowska 

Directed: Honorata Perzanowska, Adrian Kubacki, Bartek Szczepanek

Videography: Agata Smolik, Honorata Perzanowska,

Adrian Kubacki, Bartek Szczepanek

Editing: Honorata Perzanowska 

Mushrooms presentation recorded in an abandoned mushroom farm and in a studio. This story was inspired by a Dream Book, a collection of meanings of dreams created by mankind since the dawn of time.

A short video full of hidden symbols from our dreams that can be the voice of our subconscious. According to the Dream Book, collecting mushrooms in a dream symbolizes a desire for getting married. A poisonous mushroom can warn against the deceptions of bad friends or illegal actions. They also may mean a willingness to surrender to momentary bliss, forgetting about ethical principles and decency. 

Did you find any symbols in our movie? The bride, the criminal walking in the shadows, or people on the brink not even trying to resist their temptations?

I encourage you to watch!

Kotwica 3

Written & Directed: Honorata Perzanowska

Videography: Krzysztof Osiecki 

Editing: Honorata Perzanowska 

I decided to do an experiment and check if a stereotype about seniors is true. Can a pensioner not play, and above all, cannot a pensioner dream?

How did my experiment go? I leave the application to you after watching the film. I can say one thing, I am a dreamer from birth and I love to look at people who have a great passion. I invited seniors to participate in the recordings without any rehearsals. The organization of such a large and complex event was a huge challenge for me and required a lot of energy and flexibility. However, I always feel the same, no matter how great the sacrifice on my part is, when I see that my art is alive and that it touches me, I am the happiest person on earth, and it happened this time!  

Kotwica 4

Written & Directed: Honorata Perzanowska

Videography: Kevin Berlin

Editing: Honorata Perzanowska 

"I will curse myself

For that I loved you

I still see you as an angel

Who is here for a while, then fly away"


Kayah song excerpt: "If God Exists"


"Vendemmia" tells the story of a community in Tuscany during the annual grape harvest. As in the words of the song "If God Exists" by Kayah, the main characters experience both a kind of dilemma and elation. They share friendships, games, dances, but also a touch of rejection, jealousy and sadness.


This etude is inspired by the artwork entitled "La Vendemmia" by Felicita Tommasi. Each of the protagonists play the characters from the painting, standing almost motionless, thus giving a delicate tone to the entire performance. This is an unusual solution for Brokat Dance Theater, where movement has always played a major role. This unique interpretation shows the surprising nature of Brokat Dance Theater. You never know what to expect from me as the author.

Kotwica 5

Written & Directed: Honorata Perzanowska

Videography: Honorata Perzanowska, Volodymyr Volo Ryga

Editing: Honorata Perzanowska 

lockdown  *  insomnia  *  two people  *  one house


Have you ever missed some nights sleep in a row? What happens to people who stay at home for weeks and can't fall asleep? You will be able to find out in the production of "Insomnia", which will present a complicated relation between two people living on the border of reality and sleep. Maybe they will see ghosts, strange creatures or maybe they won't be able to find themselves in a

world turned upside down...

@copryrights 2020 Honorata Perzanowska 

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