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Brokat Dance Theater 

Brokat Dance Theater, founded by Honorata Perzanowska.


BDT is characterized by great visual sensitivity, where the composition of the work is caused by a longing for a world that is more colorful, magical and cosmic. 

BDT is presented in the form of short films etudes in which light, rhythm, sound and editing play an extraordinary role. Each performance is a kind of play with movement, where the author fantasizes, asks existential questions and creates a space where people free themselves and get lost in the dance.


Film productions are inspired by fashion catwalks, choreographies by Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, various dance styles, contemporary, ballet or new age and many others.


The most recent adaptations have taken place in Poland and Italy. The role players come from Germany, Italy, Poland,  Russia and Ukraine.They are professional dancers, amateurs or seniors


Click in link to see BDT films gallery!

@copryrights 2020 Honorata Perzanowska 

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