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New classes schedule just announced! 

Mondays and Wednesdays 17.00-18.00

Tuesdays and Fridays 17:00- 18:00


A great chance for kids to learn, grow and improve as dancers and artists. We work on strength of character, concentration, but above all, on a strong body, prepared for dancing. Your kids will expand their imagination and develop their creativity. Classes are filled with amazing surprises, crazy choreographies and a lot of personal attention for your child. Each class it is a fun way to learn discipline while exploring the world of musical dance, new age, contemporary, jazz and mix of many others.

Click link to see gallery with films from our shows!

When you ask yourself how to remain an artist, how to remain a child, it is worth knowing what features an "artist" has. Spontaneity, courage, boldness, confidence, no fear of falling, or in other words no fear of being judged by others. Children have all these things, so constant observation of them and working with them is always instructive and inspiring for me.



I am often surprised to discover that children know who they are better than adults. Children know who they are. This is one of the characteristics that make all children artists. 

Watching dancers growing up, who started out as children and developed under the guidance of their teachers, I noticed how we lose ourselves as we develop. We forget who we are. The observation of children made me realize how much we adults are afraid of expressing ourselves and as a result "we stop being artists". We cease to be artists and we become robots, recreating what we have been taught, even if it is called "learning improvisation". Very often they are patterns imposed by teachers or dictated by the environment, or the direction determined by the prevailing culture

Every child is an artist with a head full of ideas. With proper guidance and appreciation of a child, they are able to create amazing art. Therefore, a very important element for me is praising my students, which brings them to a higher level, allows them to be themselves, and our projects are enriched. Children have an attitude and are open to their own ideas- Which is the most important thing in being an artist.

@copryrights 2020 Honorata Perzanowska 

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